Chef and owner, Hagar Aviram, fell in love with food and the art of cooking at an early age and has dedicated most of her adult life to exploring different flavors and cuisines, both by traveling throughout the world as well as working in various NYC restaurants. She spent 2007 traveling South East Asia and China, studying local cuisine and techniques while developing her own personal style of cooking. Over the last few  years she has divided her time between NY and the south of Mexico, practicing with local chefs and expanding her culinary knowledge.
Although her main influence in the kitchen still comes from the Moroccan cuisine she grew up eating and the common Mediterranean practices emphasizing seasonal ingredients and fresh foods, you can easily find hints of Asian and Mexican flavors in her cooking.

Committed to using fresh, locally sourced and organic ingredients our food is always delicious without the aid of any artificial substances or preservatives.  Our chef tailors the menu to accommodate any dietary restrictions, food allergies and personal preferences so you are assured to enjoy high quality, fresh, home-cooked food that will suit your tastes and impress your guests.


Hagar is truly one of New York’s finest, most creative and gifted chefs. I have had the pleasure of tasting treat after delicious treat of hers and they never cease to amaze. Having her cook you a private meal is one of the nicest things you can do for yourself. She infuses each bite with love and flare
— Eric Herman, Brooklyn
There’s not much to say apart that Hagar’s food is to me as a madeleine is to Proust - as soon as a spoonful of her cuisine sets in my mouth, a wave of nostalgic memories, scents, colors and dreams overwhelm me. Coming from the Mediterranean, I can safely say she is the real deal with timeless old-school flavors for the modern palate
— Jules Eli Mendez, Brooklyn