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Cochinita pibil

On a cloudy day, spent up in the mountains of San Cristobal, roaming the streets with a couple new friends, we stumbled upon a tiny restaurant, 8 seats around one picnic style table.
The hand written sign suggested a combination of tacos, tortas and sopas, all with cochinita. My friends got so excited I just had to get in on it.
Cochinita pibil is a dish native to the yucatan peninsula, made with slow cooked pork that's been marinating in orange juice, vinegar and lime. Once it's cooked it is pulled into shreds and served with pickled red onions and a selection of salsas.
I am not a big pork lover and was hesitant about this, so I ordered a taco and a torta to start. The meat was so tender, juicy and full of flavor, the pickled onions compliment it perfectly and the salsa adds just the right amount of kick. Every bite was an explosion of flavors in my mouth, i had juice running down my arm and a giant smile on my face. This was so good I had no choice but to order another round.