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La Sirena, Pozole lesson

I arrived at Cecilia's kitchen early, she was already working at it hard for a few hours it seemed, though with this magician cook, she might have arrived 3 minutes before me..
On the stove in a pressure cooker the corn is getting ready, long pressured cooking is what gives the maize pozolero (Cacauasinque) its unique plump texture.
Chilis are soaking in water, Mulato, Ancho, huachillio Pico, Huacillio normal. soaking with the chills are also pieces of leek and leave of an avocado tree, just for flavor she says. i love how everything is so simple, yet presice and how she has been doing things the same way for years (or so i am told be her husband, Ricardo).
once the chilis are softened they get blended in her vitamin, along side garlic and onion, the leeks and avocado are discarded. she adds some liquid from the stock pot to make the blending easier and once all is well pureed, she pour the mix into the big pot of soup. this will make the base for the pozole for the next two days.  

Once the corn been cooked in the pressure cooker for at least 45 min or up to an hour it moves to the flavored stock pot for another two hours, from there it will get scooped up to serving plates and will be accompanied by fresh white onion, cilantro and lettuce and served with tostadas, dried oregano and chilis to bite on.

I am so grateful for meeting this unique woman and her man, what a treat, what a delight to spend those precious hours in her kitchen, beside learning some of her secrets i also learned about the state of her 8 children, her heart and her soul. 

-With much gratitude, and hopes of seeing you again soon. Gracias señora Cecilia Rivera