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El Origen Moroccan dinner

I have been wanting to do this since I came back to Oaxaca in January, a private dinner for a lucky few, that reflects my style of cooking, my soul food. The Moroccan food I grew up eating, the food that makes me happy when I cook it. 
I was lucky to encounter chef Rodolfo Castellanos of El Origen restaurant, here in Oaxaca, that invited me to one of his cooking classes and graciously offered his restaurant's event space for the occasion.

Let the party begin! 
I am starting the morning with an early trip to central de abastos, Friday is a good market day and I am here with an expert of the vegetable aisles, the list is long and he is moving quickly between the stands, knowing exactly who has the best of what and how much it should cost. 6 heads of  cauliflower, 55 small summer squash (they need to be the same size!), jocoque (sour, yogurt like cheese), nuts & oranges. I already have fish and lamb, fresh herbs in abundance, this is going to be fun !! 

The menu is of 6 courses, starting with harrira, a thick lentil soup the that is sour and full of fresh herbs, a pastilla of fish and sauteed onions, lamb stuffed summer squash, topped with a mint labane, chicken tagine (with couscous), a trio of salads and a nut pastry dipped in citrus blossom syrup.