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Romulo's ¡Que mariscos! , Mexico, DF

But the city really ain’t no bigger than the friendly people, friendly people that you meet
— Bill Withers

This place is an example of why having local friends is the best. 
South of La Roma Sur, in the small market of 1 de diciembre sits Romulo's ( ¡que mariscos! ) a vibrant seafood restaurant that is cheaper then it's fancier sister around the corner and is just as fresh and delicious.
Luiz brought us here, on a special cura-cruda mission. Last night started at a local bar, through a crowded dance party in a tiny car, a visit to a taco stand and a few hours of salsa dancing, with a sweet finish of an in-house whiskey party until dawn.  I met Luiz a year ago, dancing at our friends concert, we spent the entire night dancing and a friendship was born.

There are 4 of us for lunch so we are going for the Parrillada de mariscos a mix of shrimps, clams, squid, crabs and prawns topped with a mojarra, all stewed in their juices and the house mix of spices. This is some serious pile of goodness and we know we shouldn't order anything else, but we can't help ourselves so we start with tostadas of aguachile (serrano shrimp ceviche) and when the plate is placed in the center of the table, we are all holding our breath at awe.
It is a most fragrant, delicious, juicy looking pile of seafood, swimming in red spicy sauce. We dive in, fingers first.
When I am finally cleaning my hands with fresh lime I realize I haven't said a word over the last 20 minutes, I was so busy cracking shells and peeling prawns, floating on a seafood cloud in total bliss.
We walk half a block north from the market to wash the meal down with some Turkish coffee at Emir's.

Life is good and I am content and thankful to have made this friend.