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New Orleans

It's been a month and I feel so settled here in NoLa, it is visually stunning and there is beauty in every corner, I enjoy biking the ragadey streets and taking in the magic of this small town.
I am back on the line, working at a local gem of a restaurant with a bunch of happy people that are just trying to do their best and have fun while doing it, and it's been great. Being back on the line and under the pressure of a restaurant full of diners, readjusting to being on a production line of beautifully plated food. I am happy and excited and feel that I am exactly where I need to be at this moment. 
This freedom to move and wonder as I please, together with the practice of meditation allow me to be present, even when the days feel dark and my brain is playing tricks on me, trying to tell me that things aren't ok, I feel open and in tune, in my flow and in this moment.
I am thankful for the courage to take of in my tiny mobile home and follow my passions of traveling and cooking.
So for now I am here, in this vibrant, colorful city, until it is time to get going again.