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Sneaky little Vegan heaven

Keeping my healthy eating habits while stationed in New Orleans have been a challenge, the fridge at Fiona's hasn't been working well on propane and as a result I have been using a cooler and been more lazy as far as cooking goes.. It's also been so easy for me to get my tempe fix with the Sneaky Pickle being so close and so good.
What started as my weekend pre-work treat has now turned into a 4 times a week deal, between their daily specials, the full menu and the good ol' "bowl of food" I just can't get enough.
The food is fresh, delicious and clearly made with thought, care and love. 
I truly appreciate the courage to cook vegan food in this southern town that is all about it's biscuits and gravy and I  thank you Sneaky Pickle for feeding me these past couple of months.