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Vegan in LA

I don't know if there is a better city to have dietary restrictions than Los Angeles, with its abundant fresh produce, and army of tight bottoms in yoga pants, this place is every vegan's heaven. I think my favorite thing isn't how many vegan restaurants are around but more how almost every restaurant, vegan or not, offers some vegan and vegetarian options, making my life easy :)
In the few days I have in town I am planning on eating as much delicious vegan food as possible, starting with brunch at 'The butcher's Daughter' in Venice, with its beautiful design of live plant walls and rustic wooden ceilings, it's overly cool staff and super hipster crowd. 

It seems like everyone that are sitting in the restaurant on this sunny Saturday afternoon have been perfectly casted to fit the look, and the beautifully presented food certainly matches.
Below is a picture of the Thai Bowl, rice noodles in peanut sauce: