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Notes from a roadtrip

Where are you headed? that's the question I have been hearing the most, from friends and family and strangers alike, everyone wants to know my plan. My plan? I have no plan, that's the plan. I wake up every morning and I look at the map, decide how long I want to drive for and in which direction, I choose the roads that look the most local yet direct and then I turn the key and go. That's the plan, taking each day as it comes, without commitment, without a destination, just go wherever my heart desires.
Sure, there is a general direction (south-west, away from the cold), there is an intention to end up in Oaxaca, MX, there are a few places I'd like to visit along the way, but there is no plan, for a plan requires certainty, and that is something I don't have, nor want. I drive a 30 years old Westfalia, with a known history of temperamental breakdowns, and though I am confident she is up for the travel, I don't really know. Which is exactly what I like about traveling like this, the unknown, the openness, the possibilities and challenges, and having to figure it out as it comes.
So without a plan, I continue the journey, today in Memphis, TN, tomorrow, who knows...