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back on the road in less than two weeks

The time has come again, the leaves on the east end of Long island, NY are starting to change, vibrant reds and oranges teasing me on my drives, the geese are calling as the fly overhead, letting me know it is time I make my moves.
This year's destination is the west coast, a cross country trip I have been dreaming of for a decade, with an excessive tour of national parks, mainly in Utah, but certainly not exclusively. 
I am excited and frightened at the same time, my heartbeat speeds up as I think of the distance the van is going to need to cover, climbing to high altitudes and the already frozen nights in some of those marvelous places I'm planning to visit. Anxiety creeps in as I run scenarios in my head of everything that can go wrong, memories of past breakdowns, of tears flowing on the side of a road, of the panic I feel whenever by van show the slightest sign of malfunction. I am afraid, I won't even try to lie or pretend, I am so scared of this trip, but also unmeasurably excited. I have lived in this country for almost 14 years and I have never visited the Southwestern region that, so I hear, holds so much beauty and magic.  
Next week after finishing my last work commitment, I will begin to reload the van with everything I think I need, practicing my newly adopted minimalist approach to the term 'need', making sure nothing comes in unless it has a role to play in my day to day wellbeing. 

I will do my best to update this blog and share my adventures as I go along, wishing you all a happy fall and Shana Tova!