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La Sirena

Today is a happy day. The truth is, all days are happy, when you wake up on the beach in Zipolite... So today is an extra special day, because today Cecilia said yes!
She is gonna teach me how to make her beyond delicious Pozole.
I have visited her a few times before, and have repeatedly licked my plates clean, her food is indeed That good.
I especially like her mole, it's not like any flavor I tasted before. It has a deep flavor of cacao without being sweet and a rich mix of chilies and spices, creating a complex odor and a marvelous taste. 17 ingrideants are grind up together to make this mole, all according to her specific recipe at a moleria in Mexico city.

she serves it every day at her beach restaurant, La sirena.
Maybe if I'm lucky she will sell me some before I leave.


Casa Mixteca, Hautulco

In my quest for good traditional Mexican cuisine I have encountered chef Gustavo, he has been moving all over the world for years, private cooking for the richest. Gustavo introduced me to Reina, who has been cooking in Casa Mixteca for over 20 years, for the many Mexican presidents that have passed through this incredible home and for it's current owners; the Salinas family. The house is located on a small mountains in the bays of Hautulco, and since the main kitchen was under constructions we cooked in the beach-house service kitchen. If that sounds like a downgrade allow me to clarify, the beach house sits on a small stretch of a private beach, and the kitchen is a chefs heaven, fully air conditioned and stocked with top of the line appliances, but the best part was the view of the windows.... 
Reina agreed to teach me some of her secrets and we got together for a day of cooking.
She moves in her kitchen flawlessly, despite her bad knee and a walking cane, in the kitchen she is a dancer.
She cooks simple food, with minimal amount of ingredients, nothing is fancy but all is beyond delicious. Just the way I like to eat, just the way I love to cook.
Mole negro, pollo con salsa verde, two types of ceviche, cochinita pivil, tacos de lengua, tamales, tinga and about 5 salsas. All in about 4 hours. I'm amazed and excited, taking notes like I'm possessed and can't stop dipping my fingers in the pots.
This is what I dream of when I decided to come to Mexico and learn the secrets of Mexican cooking, A mama that will teach me her ways, show me how to fold banana leaves and hand make tortillas.
I am blessed and thankful.